Email: Confused, pessimistic, worried about stuff, where to start? (HK)

A simple perspective. We can best be described as ‘onions’

Layer 1 – pretty, projected ego self. Skilfully, sensibly shifts gears, moulds to fit in with work, responsibilities, social media, expectations, goals. Multiple roles to play.

Layer 2 – mind oscillates between projected & true identity. Crazy conflict, fearful. To be dealt with calmly, compassionately, non-critically. 

Layer 3 – natural infinite, innocent core. Where worth, strength, sensitivity, receptivity resides. Loving awareness, acceptance of who we are (dark/light, yin/yang).

All layers collectively create our onion personality. Beauty, balance, belief, buoyancy, even barriers, all answers lie within. A never-ending journey! Intriguing, fun. That’s all I’ve got to say about that…

Life’s a box of chocolates…


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