Yellow weed…

Sight of tiny weed poking through crevices between a concrete wall, chain fence caught attention. Boldly, beautifully blooming in bright yellow colours. Marvellous  perseverance. Brooks’s lovely lines, “wherever life can grow, it will. It will sprout out & do the best it can.”

Irrepressible, inspirational yellow blossoms! A miracle in an improbable, inhospitable environment. Rawness, strength of natural life survives against all odds. Thinking of the little yellow weed germinated new creative, curious ideas!

Optimism by Jane Hirshfield

More & more I have come to admire resilience
Not the simple resistance of a pillow, whose foam
Returns over & over to the same shape, but the sinuous
Tenacity of a tree finding the light newly blocked on one side
It turns in another. A blind intelligence, innocent truth.
But out of such persistence arose turtles, rivers,
Mitochondria, figs – all this resinous, un-retractable earth.

Poetry on the mind…


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