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4 stages of digital maturity in a company:

Stage 1 = Digital Passive: At this stage, business functions, IT sometimes collaborate on digital based on ad hoc demands, don’t align unless projects are executed jointly. Company hasn’t defined a targeted state for digital technologies.

Stage 2 = Digital Literate: At this stage, need for digital investment is recognised, a roadmap to close existing gaps is defined. Processes begin to be digitised. Business units, functions, regions execute digital initiatives in functional silos.

Stage 3 = Digital Performer: Business functions, IT jointly build capabilities across all areas, manage digital in an integrated way, commercialise digital initiatives with success. Some disruptive business models, innovation is launched.

Stage 4 = Digital Leader: Digital embedded in entire ethos of company, innovation, value proposition, technology, operations. Organisation out-performs peers in key digital metrics. Digital is seen as key driver of value, inspiration. Digital strategy, roadmap is well defined, plans brilliantly executed. Digital data continuously contributes to strategy.

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