A new study found 1/3rd of 100 protected areas are at severe risk of losing wild tigers. Tigers have been severely hit across range states in Southeast Asia, suffering big losses. Numbers have slipped from an estimated 500 to less than 200 individuals in Malaysia, extinct in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam. Thailand is equally vulnerable, while Indonesia constantly faces threats from snaring. Myanmar is another soft target for exploiters. 

A snare is made from a simple iron cable or brake cable used in motor-bikes. It is fast, cheap, readily available with devastating consequences for wildlife. A small wire snare is most dangerous. Consistently, indiscriminately takes a toll on 100’s of species. Tigers and their prey have become the biggest victims. 

Let’s bring back the roar across our forests! Collectively urge governments towards investing resources in tiger areas for effective conservation, rebuilding tiger population. Urgent actions are needed towards ending the snaring crisis, creating safe havens for tigers, associated bio-diversity in the wild across Southeast Asia.



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