Email: How to feel more self-assured, grounded? (US)

Surely many ways, thoughts exist from great thinkers. Can only share what I humbly feel. Firstly, an inner belief in limitless array of worldly possibilities, our own abilities to accomplish targets despite challenges. Lifts spirits, instilling an attitude of hopefulness, happiness. As we reflect on unbounded potentiality, feel empowered to visualise, write rosters of tasks with optimism, passion. Move through time patiently with faith. Evolving perspectives, open-mindedness, child-like curiosity helps embrace incredible inspirations, insights, ideas.

Most self-assured when we truly believe value of success outweighs risk of failure. Balance of analytical, intuitive wisdom, expressions unveils treasures for ones willing to seek. Allows to build both ambitious yet realistic goals, practical plans. Fears find little foot-hold. Willing to make mistakes as hands-on learnings. Energetically focus on uplifting knowing, knowledge to find conscious, creative directions to joy, prosperity. 

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. Actually, only thing we should doubt is our own limitations. An honest stimulant for self-love. Self-assurance is 2/3rd success!

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