Story to tell…

Today, everyone had a story to tell. Carved out time to listen. Sometimes, we forget random strangers on a bus, staff at airports, tourists in town have fascinating stories about where they came from, how they got to be where they are. Sheer variety of paths taken from farmers to CEOs, homeless to world travellers is indicative of how much we learn from observations, interactions. Sometimes the shy, quietest person at work has the most amazing life story, biggest dreams! 

Each one learns realistic lessons, develops unique perspectives. Even people who’ve led similar lives have different experiences, leading them to different interpretations, points of views. A treasure trove of inspiring insights, wisdom, creativity waiting to be explored.

When we take time to ask questions, listen, find each person has super stories to tell, from utterly unique angles. Hilarious, poignant, empowering, passionate, optimistic. Sparks of curiosity, compassion opens up people to share their own story. All we have to do is humbly ask.


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