Just be…

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‘Never waste time doing anything important when there’s a sunset outside you should be sitting under!’ – JoyBell.

To just be. Usually, our identity entwines itself with ambition. Fought emptiness by overloading calendars, loneliness by no time for self. Kept trying to do more as a life preserver. Overly manicured life. 

All this while, heard a quiet voice ‘need to just be’. Open, receptive with gratitude. Realised when I started watching sunsets. Beautiful parks, woods where I lived. Birds, butterflies, tiny wild flowers. Walking barefoot on grass grounded, step by step. Out of fears, insecurities into compassion, faith. Slowly, wordlessly began to believe in something alive in self. Glimpses of hope, happiness, healing. Fascinating.

Life is a process, a journey, not an event. Routines make us function as though joy can be predicted, scheduled, completed in orderly increments. Sunsets rebel against Google calendars! Time of sunsets shift from day to day as seasons progress. Only way to experience sunsets is to be mindful of fluidity, mystery in natural world. Sometimes, people need us at inconvenient times, opportunities emerge when we least expected. 

Great sense of balance, belief when we feel, flow with rhythms of our spirit. Even if finish line of goals shifts constantly we still adapt, align. How much happiness do we miss because we don’t notice?

Watching sunsets isn’t an achievement on resumes, item on checklists. That’s exactly the point. The value of watching a sunset is being fully present in the moment, surrendering, accepting the process, trusting the universe. Each part of the unfolding is beautiful, breath-taking. Energetically, life is the same. Often, we want to skip through slow, painful, lonely chapters. Want to freeze moments of glory, joy. But life keeps flowing, evolving. 

Evening horizon is an ever-shifting tapestry. An interplay of light and dark, clear skies and clouds of surreal beauty. Abundance unfolds as a mixture of light and dark. As colours of day fade, stars begin to curiously appear. Can create marvellous memories if we just be, be who we are. Drives resentments, regrets, restlessness away. Purest connection is with nature, self.

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