Mac support: What’s the problem?

Me: Laptop crashed. Battery, virus issues? Can’t login in iTunes, either.

Mac Support: Laptop login password?

Me: ‘Deadlyvirus’ (+24).

Mac Support: OMG, so weird. 

Me: Passwords are something we all struggle with. For security reasons, don’t they need to be different, unique?

Mac Support: Itunes login, password?

Me: ‘INeedAPassword..‘. 

Mac Support: We know you need a password reset. What’s the old password?

Me: ‘INeedAPassword’. (+24).

Mac support: 5 second silence! Smirking sounds.

Usually, use crazy passwords for wifi, devices. A few hilarious ones (now changed):

  • MemorySucks
  • IPronounceUManAndWifi
  • ThePromisedLAN
  • WhyFiWhyNot
  • WhyDoIForget
  • YetAnotherPassword
  • GoAheadMakeMyDay
  • DontWorryBeHappy
  • DevilWearsPrada
  • IBelieveICanFly
  • EveryBreathYouTake
  • TooSexyForMyCat
  • WhoLetTheDogsOut
  • IAmSherlocked
  • SilenceOfTheLan

Mac support: Please create passwords without ‘virus’ words! Laughs.

Me: ‘IAmACompleteIdiot’

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