At hospital volunteering today, felt a poignant presence of distraught, discontent teenagers. Natural impulse was to offer maximum comfort, support, aid.

Also, felt a strong sense of empathy, affection even for those who didn’t ask for help. A bit of compassion, tenderness we shared together re-affirmed positivity, strength to fight illnesses, worries.

It’s of great value to nurture people we care about, both when they ask for support and when they seem to somehow be getting along fine on their own. Just our presence in sensitive, vulnerable lives is enough.

Sometimes, appreciation, adoration are treated as momentary, situational tools. Brandished when absolutely necessary. Kindness, generosity, encouragement are better as a constant, whether it has a reason for being or not. Simple, sweet smiles, expressions, gestures bring unbelievable levels of joy, surprise, gratitude, hope. Miracle tonic for spirit.

Each moment at hospital was gratifying, precious. Lost track of time, spent 4 hours instead of 2! Volunteering is a beautiful gift, both for those in need and selves. Inspiring, humbling. Must admit, a little tearful.

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