Mayan ruins…

One of my favourite travel destination’s is Mexico. Awe-inspiring ancient Mayan ruins to enthusiastically explore. Over 4000 ancient sites spread over Central America. Mayan archeological sites we don’t want to miss! 

Mayan community inhabited Mexico, Central America since 1800 BC. Agricultural by nature, harvested crops like maize, beans, cleared jungles for farming. Worshipped 150 Gods – God of Rain, God of Agriculture and so on. 

Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins

A sacred city built in both classic Maya and later Maya-Toltec period. Highlight is the ‘Kukulkan Pyramid’, 75 feet tall. Built for astronomical, sacrificial purposes. During twice-annual equinox, setting sun creates shadows on pyramid steps resembling the body of a serpent. A new wonder of the world.

Coastal Ruins Of Tulum

Iconic walled city of Tulum perched on cliffs overlooking sea. Beautiful beach to swim. Major trading, religious center in 11th-16th centuries. Traded jade, turquoise, cotton, copper bells, axes, chocolate. ‘Temple of Frescoes’ offers pretty painted murals inside!

Maya Ruins Of Coba

Features 5 lovely large lakes. Dare to climb 120 steep stone steps to ‘Nohoch Mul’, tallest pyramid in peninsula. Gorgeous gaze over jungle-covered ruins.


‘Temple of Inscriptions’, built by King Pakal’s son. Records of 180 years of city’s history. Home to King Pakal’s Tomb. Humidity in burial chamber is so intense that walls drip with water. Can only enter with special permissions.


Houses 2 large pyramids, extensive system of reservoirs for water to 50,000 Mayans. Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, massive protected jungle at Guatemala border with wonderful wildlife like howler monkeys, jaguars.

Monte Alban

One of Mexico’s 1st pre-Colombian cities, founded in 500 BC. Quite intact temples, tombs, palaces, astronomical observatory, historical ball court which hosted games of Ollama.


Main attraction is ‘Pyramid of Moon’. Hides a plethora of secrets discovered in bodies of humans treated with brutality as ritualistic sacrifice to God. Explore Citadel, Avenue of Dead, Pyramids of Sun and Moon.

Ek Balam

Location of ‘King Ukit Kan Lek Tok’s Tomb’. Lies within largest pyramid alongside 45 ancient structures. Incredible works of art, calligraphy plastered on walls.


‘House of the Itzas’, initial home of Itza family. Gran Acropolis, Temple of the Masks honouring Sunrise and Sunset God. Imposing palace facing Gran Acropolis.

Templo Mayor

Spanish for ‘Greater Temple’, center of Maya universe. Dedicated to God of War, Rain, Agriculture.

A great destination for lovers of history, architecture, ancient cultures.

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