Digging soil…

Yesterday, spontaneously joined a team of gardeners to plant flowers around apartment block. Enjoyed gardening after a very long time. So relaxing, soothing.

Gardener: Wear gloves before you dig the earth!

Me: Never wear gloves. While digging to plant or pulling out weeds, love the scent, feel of moist, clotted dark mud. Gloves impair the sense of touch! Strangely, dirt has a calming effect. Both humbling, empowering. Nothing has taught me more patience than digging garden beds in winters, sowing seeds, anxiously waiting for flowers to bloom!

Playfully pouring fountains of water to prepare ground feels great. Gently flowing over, tickling my fingers. Skilfully using sharp tools to tackle thorns is a fabulous achievement. Though, sometimes fingers come into contact with something we’d rather not touch – spiders, earthworms. Scary. 

Want the real, immersive experience despite cuts, scrapes, sweat, broken finger-nails. Proverbial, getting our hands dirty! An incomparable feeling, digging mysterious layers of soil with bare hands. Restorative, energetic effects of nature are no secret.


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