Email: Do you think you’re a leader? (US)

Absolutely not! Full stop. Usually a happy follower. Love to be led, if given a choice. However, when needed, try to step up the game, overcome fears. Still learning leadership skills through online videos, practical work experiences, training programs, observations, emulating true leaders.

Interesting learnings:

#1. Elevate relationship building.

  1. Develop competencies like thoughts processes, open-mindedness.
  2. Improve communications, clarity in vision.
  3. Confront inconsistencies.
  4. Practice accountability, non-judgemental.
  5. Humbly invite feedback, listen, inspire, stimulate.
  6. Practice compassion, curiosity.
  7. Get dirty in trench, out of the box, rise above challenges.
  8. Intentionally emulate qualities we admire in others. 
  9. Express gratitude each day
  10. Believe in goals, desires, abilities.

It’s not results or relationships. It’s results through relationships.

#2. Elevate value of others.

“You are more important than me.” Leadership is serving others whole-heartedly. Making others important doesn’t mean we sacrifice our best interests. A beautiful balance of individuality, group dynamics. 

#3. Elevate teams or mission’s success over personal success.

Live for something bigger than self. A meaningful purpose, a cause, a legacy. “I have a dream!” Contribute generously, create honestly, act passionately. Leaders succeed when teams succeeds. A true leader builds more leaders, not many followers.

Leadership is a great gift from God.

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