Always wanted to indulge in a hiking trail at Arctic Circle. 85% of Greenland is covered in ice. Though, a narrow strip along coastline is actually green. And red, purple, yellow. Pretty colourful arctic wilderness, gorgeous glaciers. Impressive Russell Glacier is a towering wall of blue frozen water covered in jagged cracks, crusty layers of snow.

Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail is one of most beautiful long distance hikes. Trail stretches up to 200 kms from edge of ice-cap to fishing town of Sisimiut on West Coast. Only towns at beginning, end of trail. No cell phone reception! Only visible signs of life is an Arctic fox, darting out on roads! Polar bear, if lucky to spot.

Depending on fitness levels, routes chosen, takes 7-12 days to complete. A couple of basic wooden huts, tents for bad weather. Only 300 people hike each year from June to August. Sounds like an awesome adventure!

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