I could live here…

World-wide, found places with beautiful beaches, isolated islands, charming cities, magical mountains. Could I live there? Requires a unique, different set of criteria. Perfect places in Europe I fell in love with:

PARIS2 places where I can live happily – at home and in Paris! I love Paris in spring, love Paris in fall, just love Paris anytime. Inspiring literature, museums, symphonies, sculptures. “A walk in Paris gives lessons in history, art, beauty, the overall point of life – Thomas Jefferson”.

LONDON – Simply, love home. Where my heart is! A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else. For curious, creative ones, London’s an amazing place. A vibrant, captivating vibe. Fast-paced but still a strange kind of stillness. Like a novel with playful chapters. Magnificent Mayfair to Piccadilly, Soho to Strand. Super fun!

BURGUNDY – Either give me some wine or leave me alone! “Nothing makes future look so rosy as to contemplate it through a glass of Chambertin – Napoleon”. Rich history, culture, cuisine, geography. ‘Boeuf Bourgogne’, a favourite dish. Love cycling in vibrant vineyards, wonderful wine tastings in gorgeous chateau’s. Incredibly exciting.

BRIENZNorth of Alps, canton of Berne, Switzerland. Deep turquoise lake, spectacular mountain scenery. Surreal, stunning. A ‘homey’, dreamy, angelic feel.

FLORENCEMagnetic, romantic. Fabric’s hardly changed since Renaissance. Elegant frescoes, sculptures, churches, palaces. Narrow streets evoke lovely tales. Fabulous food, wines, cappuccino‘s. ‘Fiorentina’ – an international label of quality assurance. Uffizi Gallery, a cradle of art. Energy of city is indescribable, overflowing with beauty. An unrivalled collection of artistic masterpieces. 

Visiting these places is purely a wish come true!







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