The Last Czars…

Watched a bold, brilliant Netflix series on ‘The Last Czars‘ of Russia. UnfortunatelyCzar Nicholas II resisted reformation in the midst of sweeping social upheaval (20th century). Ultimately led to dramatic fall of Romanov Dynasty, founded in 1613 (ruled Russia for 300 years).

The Last Czars – Netflx

The story itself is fascinating, following footsteps of great Romanov Dynasty, fall of Czar Nicholas II, during heart of modern revolution. 6 episodes cover his coronation, disastrous war-room tactics, Rasputin saga. Before his family’s bloody, gruesome assassination in ‘House Of Special Purpose’. In a messy execution conducted by Bolsheviks led by Lenin, 7 members of Romanov family were murdered in the basement of a Yekaterinburg Merchant’s House, dumped in unmarked graves in Ural Mountains. An unceremonious, undignified end to a once-revered imperial family.

Bodies of Czar Nicholas, Czarina Alexandra, children – Olga, Tatiana, Anastasia, Alexei, Maria were found in mountain graves (1991). Upon DNA identification, Russian President Boris Yeltsin called a ceremonial re-burial at Romanov Family Crypt in St. Petersburg.

Well-made mixture of re-enactments, historical analysis, real photos/videos, awesome narration.

Recommend a watch for history lovers.

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