Winter magic…

I will never forget the first time I saw views of radiant, colourful ‘Aurora Borealis‘ dancing in night skies of Iceland. Northern Lights are an incredible natural luminescence phenomenon! Elusive, unpredictable. For optimal northern lights visibility, need a perfect blend of dark skies, clear cold weather, strong aurora activity. 

Witnessing mystery, magic of northern lights was surely a bucket-list experience. Lucky enough to see ‘Aurora Borealis‘ multiple times in Iceland, Finland, Scotland. Eyes transfixed for hours watching gorgeous glow dances in skies over mountains, seas. 

Vibrant ribbons of colours in perpetual motion between the stars – flowing, swirling, twirling. Greens, yellows, violets, blues, indescribable hues. Silent fireworks, greatest show on earth! Magnificent, majestic. Maybe, book a spot for winters?

Let me escape into the night, dance with surreal Northern Lights, 

Flow in a universe without shape or form, wasn’t her life but a storm,

Miss magic, mystery of ever-lasting unknowns, 

Inspired by remote heavenly gem-stones,

A divine arrangement of seductive lights,

 I close my eyes, remember those nights!




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