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Email: How to find passion, boost creativity? (Australia)

Almost all creative possibilities are related to muses that inspire! Inspiration is an intangible yet inseparable part of process to find our ‘why’s’. Ancient Greeks believed all creation – artistic or scientific was motivated by Goddesses who served as literal embodiment of passion, inspiration. Muses or givers of divine, creative sparks. Lifted selves to a higher place to view vibrant variations from a space of harmony.

Guess, we still rely on muses to find passions, drive creative processes, in diverse modern forms. People we appreciate, intriguing ideas, mad movies, beautiful books, nature, music? Even tragic events, loss, fears can ignite creativity. All have potential to awaken imaginative, ingenious spirit. Touched by muses, we simply believe in abilities to produce unique kind of magic, generosity. Balances mental, intuitive wisdom, perspectives to find centre. Inquisitiveness connects the dots.

Occasionally, we’re unaware of it’s instinctive presence. May have one muse, multiple muses concurrently, different muses at specific moments, evolutionary phases in life. Know we’ve found our muses when we encounter inexplicable forces stimulating to be courageous enough, pushing to broaden curious range of creativity. Presence of these innate forces erases self-doubt, boosts self-belief, motivates to bring thoughts to life.

If muses elude briefly, increase positive chances of falling under illuminating influences. Surround self with sensitive stuff, people who believe in potential, softly challenge thought processes, self-inflicted mental limits. Keep a pen/paper handy to capture spontaneous flights of imaginations, immerse in natural self-expressions, frequently reflect in solitude to re-connect with inner mysterious muses. At times, veering away from what’s expected to interesting interests, allows expansion of world-views.

Once we’ve identified muses, embrace creative inventiveness. No matter what we’re moved to create, neither fear nor criticism can penetrate feelings of brilliant bliss. Exciting surge in spark, energy levels to pursue passions whole-heartedly. Delightful desire to see what we imagined become a reality. Boosts spirits to re-affirm goals, realistic tasks. 

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