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Email: Your views on arranged or love marriages? (India)

Wait a second, stir the pot? Let me mentally prepare for an onslaught of crazy messages! O.K. 55% marriages world-wide are arranged by family. In India, as high as 88.5%. Essentially marriages between families with unhealthy compromises. Bizarre alliance!

A non-believer in arranged marriages. There’s a returns policy even after we try clothes in stores! How can we decide on a husband or wife with few hours of chit-chat over coffee? Together a lifetime – lovely lottery win, bold blind date, awkward adventure? Mutual natural compatibility, chemistry is essential – mental, material, emotional, sexual. If an obligation, unhappily unsustainable. Interrogating, interfering relatives, a cherry on the cake! Ain’t for faint-hearted, butchered by beliefs!

What matters most is two consenting adults truly accept each other for who they are, honestly want to be together. Decide best outcomes, ‘labels’ to reflect nature of relationship. Not to forget, labels should to be genuine, adorable, adaptable, balanced, secure. Innocent creativity, romance, room to enthusiastically, energetically evolve. Sometimes, labels can’t even do justice to buoyant, beautiful bonds. 

Of course, a marvellous marriage or passionate partnership is an ultimate bliss, blessing. Focus instead on feelings, faith, foundations, fabulousness, felicity, fervour, fruition of dreams, desires! A precious, priceless gift from the source.

There is world enough for all to seek happiness, in their own way. Simply love!

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