Read interesting articles on differences between self-esteem and self-worth. Though much of who, what we are changes, evolves as we journey through life, our intrinsic worth remains constant. Self-worth is often used inter-changeably with self-esteem, but these two qualities are inherently different.

Self-esteem is a measure of how we feel about self at a given moment in time, a time-stamp. Worth however, is not a product of our intelligence, talents, looks, possessions, accomplishments. Rather, it’s immeasurable, precious to our very existence. Represents inspiration, optimism, self-belief. Worth can’t be taken away, damaged by life’s rigours. Yet we easily forget, actively ignore. By regularly acknowledging self-worth, appreciate what’s truly important, special to our lives.

Born worthy! Worth is inter-twined with core being, reinforced by actions. Each time we treat self kindly, define priorities, pursue passions proactively, broaden horizons, share support, overcome challenges, we’re creatively expressing, honestly recognising innate value.

Lose sight of worth, get mired in insecurity, lack of faith. May pursue counterfeit worth based on judgment rather than inner wisdom. Worth isn’t based on success, mistakes, failures. Curious part of life, chances to learn.

We’re humble drops of water in an endless ocean. Worth comes from our simple roles as distinct, delightful individuals. Part of something larger than selves. Awakening helps rediscover awesome abundance, adorable worth within. 

Interesting, insightful concept to consider. Gift a compliment to self as positive energy!

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