Beauty of Brazil…

Brazil. An enticing place of carnivals where millions dance, samba & party! Wildlife explorers seek the wondrous wetlands of Pantanal & the Amazon rainforest. Those who enjoy colonial architecture & historic cities will revel in a chance to visit Salvador. Throw in alluring beaches, best in class soccer, marvellous music & friendly people. A once in a lifetime vacation.

The magical ‘Iguazu Falls‘, an unbelievable mythical experience! Higher & twice as wide as the Niagara Falls. 450,000 cubic feet of water thundering down 275 cascades per second. Superb rush & turbulent currents.

Rio’s charm is irresistible! Museums, endless beaches, parties, delicious food, lively locals, positive energy & vibrant vibes. Florianópolis attracts surfers, sun worshippers with an endless array of beaches, excellent seafood, quaint Azorean fishing villages & an inviting nightlife. 

Mysterious Amazon covers 8% of our earth’s surface & 50% of it’s biodiversity. Amazonia National Park is 40% of the nation’s landmass. Perfect for bird-watching, trekking, kayaking, hiking, camping & river tours. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil’s first Marine Park is special. Beautiful beaches are breath-taking. A precious place in South America.


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