What is value…

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The exact definition of value – something of merit, worth, usefulness, utility, practicality, desirability, benefit, gain, profit, effectivenessimportance or significance.

How do we decipher value? We evaluate, assess, estimate, appraiserate, price or feel.

Real value is both tangible and intangible. One without the other, has distorted value.

Value which isn’t sincerely equal or mutually beneficial, is unsustainable. Finally, our judgement, anticipation, experiences, expectations justify true value and worthiness.

Something with rare, intrinsic or precious value, becomes vital to our innate sense of fulfilment and joy, is extremely desirable and attractive, to wish or aspire for.

We look outside for many views or perspectives, but only look within for value.

What’s really worth and of value, will unquestionably, undoubtedly and naturally satisfy everything – our logic, intuition and passion. Irresistible, energetic, unstoppable, powerful enough to inspire and transform.

The greater the perceived value, higher the risk and reward, level of difficulty or challenge to touch the target, yet one knows it’s worth making the effort and pain.





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