Mysterious Mystics…


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Friend: Who’s a ‘mystic‘? Fascinating, interesting and an inexplicable concept…

Mysticism is not a faith, sect, principle or direction. Mystics possesses a mysterious temperament, unbelievable levels of endurance and an unusual psychic ability.

For mystics the universe is open, vast and expansive yet also intricately connected to a tangible earthly presence and practical realities of life. They are extremely intuitive, inspiring, intellectual and instinctual. Relish new, abstract, invisible experiences or knowledge, offering a fertile and creative opportunity to learn, grow and expand.

Mystics passionately and selflessly enlighten, heal or serve others. A unique ability for endless love, sharing and giving. They tend to steer clear of strict doctrines, go with their own inner truth, insights, knowing or faith and just beautifully flow.

Attentively listen to all ideologies, views and perspectives, however, their main source of truth, is deep innate intuition, belief and fortitude.

Naturally authentic, restless and curious, have full faith in destiny and powers of the universe. Accept the universe is unknown, infinite, a secret waiting to be revealed, massively complex for human mind to comprehend. We can just marvel it’s beauty and generosity.

Equally trust the dark and light, as a certain amount of darkness is needed, to see the stars. There’s a hidden, little mystic in all of us, our inner glowing guiding light.

Finally, mystics believe that the highest power ever of all, is love.

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