Fascinating face masks…

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Our obsession with most odd, eerie, unusual face masks is an everlasting love. Weird, ridiculous face masks we swear by, shows just how obsessed and crazy we are, adoring our attractive face, looks.

These distinctive masks embody innovative ingredients from mud or volcanic clay, moss magnet or mushrooms, horse oil or hibiscus, charcoal or chocolate, pearl, gold and diamond dust, serums of sea algae or sea salt, collagen or carrot, watermelon or water chestnut, green tea or tea tree oil….

Over the top ones, bird jelly or bee venom, snail mucus and semen, are absolute favourites…!

Days I can’t get my life together in other ways, putting on the most unfamiliar, ghost-like mask makes me feel like I’m on top of everything. Special and pampered, soft as hell, surely great value for money, inspiring instant gratification.

Mostly end up popping anti-allergy pills with burning, rash and red face, as after effects!

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