What’s my religion…?


Friend: What’s your religion? You worship in Temples, Churches, Mosques and Monastries?

Me: I believe in all religions and ways of living. God is the universe, most importantly, in our own minds, hearts and soul. Nature is infinity.

Nature is omnipresent, an all pervasive, perpetual cycle of creation, preservation and destruction of life.

We gaze at the magnificent night sky with an overwhelming sense of awe, grace and gratitude. In it’s power, glory, justice and mercy we feel so tiny, insignificant and ignorant.

It’s all knowing, all powerful, all forgiving, tolerant, tender and expansive. Generous, loving, giving, nurturing, compassionate. It’s hope, belief, creativity and inspiration.

All of us pray for the aura and radiance of the sun, seek joy in drops of rain, wish upon a star, believe in healing energy of water and air, gift flowers as tokens of our love and appreciation, marvel at the vibrant colours of a rainbow, the rhythmic sound of waves, playful dolphins and the charisma of snowmen, we create.

It’s mystery, miracles and magic, complete and abundant, complex yet innocent, simple and majestic, naturally encompassing all facets of life.

The universe is purity, sacred and divine.

All is God and God is all…

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