The Magician…

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Colleague: CEO is a magician…how does he make things happen?

Me: Agree, here’s the definition of a true magician…

A magician says “as above, so below”, that our mind and the world, are only reflections or mirrors, of one another. He shows us how to begin and how to end. He balances emotions with logic, illusions with intellect, passion with plans. He’s a master manifestor, can create any reality he wants.

The infinity sign on his head, indicates infinite possibilities of creation, with our will power, freedom, clarity, strength and belief. He fearlessly taps into his full potential, without hesitation (new job, business or love), takes action not to miss opportunities, to become the best version of himself. Boldly owns personal responsibility for who he is, what he wants and exactly how to get it.

His magic is his supreme wisdom, love, passion and confidence. He believes in creative miracles, is an inspired performer. Tremendous energy, vision, skills and tools, to bring the outcomes he wants to life, fulfil his goals, aspirations and needs.

Above all, he’s true to himself…shares smiles and cheers!

We can harness some of Magician’s infinite power, to create our beautiful world, we desire the most…

Where’s our magic wand…?


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