Eternal love…


Frequently asked why Radha is always worshipped with Krishna and not his first wife, Rukmani? Especially, how is this acceptable in a very conservative and traditional country, like India?

A very controversial topic but here’s a few theories, I’ve heard often:

Their love story is supreme, eternal and sublime. It is a divine union between Jivatma and Paramatma – the individual self and the univeral self.

Krishna didn’t marry Radha to intentionally keep their soulful, profound, selfless, pure physical and spiritual union, separate to a worldly agreement or arrangement, like marriage. He had 16,000 wives, but just one true love, Radha. Binding or restricting this immense, passionate abundance, into specific parameters, would be stifling it’s freedom and depth, hence unacceptable.

To him, it was an inexplicable and  unparalleled love, most intimately sensual and beautiful, requiring no sense of duty. Destined to be natural, perfect, spontaneous, fearless, breaking any barriers, in it’s path. It transcended all human definitions of emotions – earthly, physical, material. A love beyond judgement, prejudices or comprehension.

Another theory states, he couldn’t marry Radha as she was much older, already a married woman. Yet, her love for Krishna was intense, amourous and resolute.

Some say, their worldly union was against societal standards, norms and prevelant class structures, as she was a cowgirl and Krishna, a Prince.

Krishna simply said, “how can one marry his own soul? She’s the most authentic, sensitive, secretive, innocent, precious and inseparable part, of my existence”.

If it’s true love, it always win, regardless of time, challenges, distance, shape or form.

What is destined will reach you, even if it’s buried underneath two massive mountains. What is not destined, won’t, even if it be between your two lips.



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