Where’s My Teddy…

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Sometimes, we simply indulge in activities that allow us to express the child in us. We may feel suddenly un-troubled, light, casual, fearless and friendly, even if there are very tough situation in our lives, interfering with our sense of joy, freedom and fulfilment.
Our innocent, pure and uncomplicated view of the world, prompts us to whole-heartedly immerse in pursuits we would typically avoid, due to our image or fear of being judged.
Today, unpacked a few games I loved as a child, my age-old Carom Board, Electro, Scrabble, Monopoly and couldn’t stop hugging my favourite, tattered, torn teddy bear.

Our playfulness can also take us in a more practical realm, by inspiring us to find simple fun and solutions, in our mundane obligations, while still pushing us to dream, desire.

We discover a great deal about our emotions and connections, when we contemplate and compare our feelings and actions today, with how it would have been in our childhood, when we felt exceptionally brave, confident and carefree. Our world was so modest, vulnerable, adorable, uncomplicated and immature, yet it gave immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Why do we stop engaging in playful approaches, to gain an understanding of our deeply hidden or buried sentiments, emotions and how these critically impact our choices?
We can easily overcome any feelings-based fears or self-sabotaging emotional barriers, by inviting our child-like hearts and minds to challenge us frivolously, wickedly in play.

Our core innocence is the seed of thoughtful, honest self-examination and happiness, to enrich our lives.


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