Turquoise & Jasper Healing Wrap

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Beautiful gold-dipped turquoise is in the middle of a bracelet full of dyed turquoise imperial jasper. This stunning new bracelet wraps around the wrist 3 times. Turquoise is a protective, stabilising stone that helps enhance communication, intuition. Balances the chakras, aids in meditation, brings inner calmness. Turquoise is a throat & heart chakra opener. Wear this gorgeous bracelet to enhance creative vision, predictive powers.

Imperial Jasper is a spiritual healing stone known to activate chakras of the torso including heart, sacral, root, solar plexus. Known for it’s centering eminence, protects from negative energies. As a nurturing stone, helps ones suffering from emotional stress.

Item Type: Three Layer Wrap Bracelet
Material: Natural Stones, Mixed Beads, Leather, Metal
Natural Stones: Turquoise and Imperial Jasper
Size: 19.7 inches + 3 loops for Adjustment/Sizing


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