Natural Sandalwood Meditation Mala

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For thousands of years, Buddhists recognize Sandalwood as the perfect meditation tool. Grown in Asia, Sandalwood is a classic material used to make malas. A warm, soothing wooden aroma accompanies each Sandalwood Mala assisting in unwinding the mind, opening the heart. Sandalwood scent hyper stimulates the senses, creates a greater sense of awareness. Sandalwood Mala promotes deeper relaxation states, increases spiritual energy, evokes tranquility, awakens divine thought.

This peaceful 108 Wooden Prayer beads Natural Sandalwood Meditation Mala is said to have super powers. Sandalwood attracts positive vibrations, promotes tranquility, supports a positive frame of mind. Sandalwood works with base or root chakra. Enhances trust, self-identity, promote energy & enthusiasm, increase self-esteem & zest for life, encourage feelings of serenity, eases digestive system ailments, promote restful sleep, suppresses irritability.

Item Type: Meditation Mala Necklace
Material: Natural Sandalwood
Length: 40cm
Bead Count: 108
Bead Colors: Ivory, Red, Black, Brown, Green
Clasp Type: Lace-up


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