Crown Chakra Amethyst

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The highest chakra, Sahasrara chakra or crown chakra is located in the cranium at the top of our head. Considered 7th chakra in modern yoga traditions. Amethyst crystals are best known for aiding crown chakra. Protects against negative energies, enhances spiritual awareness. Amethyst promotes intellectual thought, clear thinking, emotional balance. Helps focus energy, enhance memory, improve motivation. Natural amethyst brings calmness, mental clarity. When uncertainty arises along our journey through life, trust in amethyst to provide clarity.

Features: Big Amethyst Natural Stone with Gold Plating Edge
Stones: Natural Amethyst, Purple Jade, Vintage Metal Beads
Material: Genuine Leather, Stainless Steel Clasp
Length: 85 cm with 3 Adjustable Size Closers (33.5 inches)


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