The Classical Music Guide…

The Complete Classical Music Guide. What makes Bach & Beethoven’s music so great? What’s the difference between opera & operetta? From Bach to Bernstein, a beautiful guide that offers a complete history of classical music. Invites us to explore the spirituality of Byrd’s masses, the awesome power of Handel’s Messiah, the wonders of Wagner’s operas & the marvellous masterpieces of the most celebrated composers. A journey over a 1000 years, charting the evolution of musical instruments, styles & genres. Biographies & philosophies of composers offer rich insights into their music, the historical & cultural contexts that influenced their genius.

From the ornate brilliance of Baroque music, through the exhilaration of Romantic music, to contemporary genres like minimalism, simply brilliant. Timelines, quotes & colour photos of exceptionally creative & gifted musicians.


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