Animal abuse in tourism…

We love seeing, playing with animals when we travel. That’s why we go on safaris, visit zoos, sign up for elephant, camel rides, gorilla visits, lion walks. Most animal based tourism is abusive and detrimental to animals. Animals kept in desolate, horrible conditions managed by inexperienced, unskilled staff mainly in Asia, Africa. 

During a recent visit to Thailand, was truly disappointed with the widespread animal abuse – crocodile, monkey, snake shows, elephant dances, drugged tigers chained in temples for photo-shoots. When I raised a concern about animal abuse, “they’re monks, how could they hurt the tigers?” The tiger temple was eventually shut down.

Actively raise a voice against cruelty on elephants in temples of Sri Lanka, India.

Thankfully, a number of online resources help find ethical animal experiences. We need positive animal experiences that reward conservation, education, not exploitation. Let’s ensure all animals survive and thrive!


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