Angel’s Whisper…



The universe strongly supports what we truly want, but our will decides, to go for it.

There are times in our lives when all the signs, synchronicities and symbols, point us in a particular direction. Our thoughts are echoed in songs and stories, the media we see.
Maybe, the messages we get from the universe, don’t even make sense in the “real” world (nobody understands or even our conscious mind challenges these visions).
Somewhere deep inside us, these urges or intuitions though, feel very right. We are being pushed to walk a new path, even when we may feel, we’re just fine.

When we spend time in solitude, get in touch with our true, higher selves or intuitive powers, it sends us clear directives, leading us to become our best and most fulfilled selves. When we are open and listening, the next step is to take action and go for it.

Once we make a decision to pursue our inner knowings, without the need to justify, the universe sets into motion the means for all sorts of details, to fall into place. We feel a sense of peace.

Doubts or insecurities will no longer make us wonder, if our intuitive aspirations are possible. Rather, it gives us the self-confidence and self-belief in our own capabilities, resolve and determination to make our dreams a reality. Instead of really deterring us from our goals, these questions serve to clarify our focus, analysis, plans.

The positive shift in our energy impacts everything around us. Like a rush of water, it clears away all self-inflicted obstacles and old debris from our path, to move us forward. Our new attitude attracts like-minded people, on similar higher vibrations and vibes. Most likely, angels arrive to help us with information, healing, strength, support we need.

Wherever our visions are pointing us today, trust enough to take a step. Have faith in our deep inner knowledge and soul whisperings, these are surely guided by the universe.

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