Why work, have fun?…


Friends: Why the hell do you work so hard, you actually don’t need to, just chill, stay at home and enjoy life? We absolutely need to work, to pay our bills.

Me: Why do we always equate work with ‘just’ money and money = prosperity, happiness? Money is very important to provide for the family, fulfil our mundance obligations, but a pay check or bonus doesn’t stir a tear. A man’s worth is not defined by his wallet but by his warmth and values!

Also, love new inspirations and challenges, mental stimulations and space for experiments, nurture an unstoppable curiosity, pursue creativity to evolve and grow, let the imaginations wander, collaborate and share special moments with teams, on the same energetic vibrations, enjoy fun and crazy interactions with people, borderline outrageous, at times! Experience different cultures, traditions, ideologies and ways of working!

Most importantly, build a sense of independence, empowerment, respect, identity and recognition. Sometimes, we have only two choices, ‘prove ourselves or lose ourselves’!

When we do what we truly love doing and make sincere, consistent, practical efforts, money happens! Even hurry takes time, so work at your own pace. ‘Believe you can and you’re half way there’, Roosevelt. A meticulous, self-assured, single-minded attentiveness is needed, for both work and play. Quest for money, material possessions is as equally important as personal passions, circle of relationships, that truly matter. Balance and temperance is key.

Friends: Whatever, we won’t simply care to stress ourselves, if ‘we were you’ (an unnecessary competitive spirit, wierd)

Me: We are all unique, irreplaceable and gifted, stars and masterpieces in our own right, why should we sven think of being anyone else? ‘Be you, everyone else is taken’!

Money isn’t the only measure of our true value or self-worth or whether we’re good enough, neither does it guarantee any personal success, fulfilment or joy!

As they say, the best things in life are free or stuff that money can’t buy!

No matter what, just won’t bother giving up on me, to step into someone’s shoes! Believe in following my own vibe and rhythm. Let’s step up, discover our special superpowers and be really proud of who we are!

Friends: Well, sometimes, we can always agree to disagree, no big deal, let’s get back to work!

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